Heal Yourself From Chronic Pain
Drugs, Physical Therapy or Surgery.

Over 4000 success stories &

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You’ve Been In Pain Longer Than 6 Weeks

You Do Not Have Cancer

Your Doctor Could Not Eliminate Your Pain

You Have Stress In Your Life

Then There Is a Great Chance That you Can
Eliminate Your Pain Using
This Proven Process

How this works

There is a 90% correlation between stress and tension and physical pain.

Over 30 days using a proven process we show you the connection between stress, tension and chronic pain.

Watch your pain levels drop: 85% of our clients are pain free by day 6.

You get back to your life, pain free with
smiles and normal activities.

A Proven Process

-Over 4000 clients pain free and counting.
-Piloted at a Major Medical Clinic with 100% of the patients pain free within 28 days.
-97% Success Rate.
-Safe and Simple.
-Permanent results.


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About Me

I am Brajesh. I am diagnosed with four degenerated discs, herniation, stenosis, schmorls nodes and bulging discs. I was in pain for 8 years, with intensely painful spasms every two weeks that would put me in bed for days. My pain is gone after I discovered Zero Pain Now two years ago. I learned that physical defects in the spine are not the cause of the pain. I still have the defects AND I can now live my life and do the things I want without any pain.

Allow me to help you to heal yourself.

To learn more about the program, you can reach me using the contact form below :


I cancelled my BACK SURGERY and now I'm pain free! I can walk without my cane and drive as long as I want !

Mike, Construction Engineer (5 Minutes)
3 years of low back pain gone - I danced for 3 hours straight with no pain!

K.M., Age 42
1 year of upper back pain - gone
When I mentioned about my upper back pain in January of 2019 to Brajesh, I had been suffering from upper back pain due to Asthma (or so I thought) for over a year. In that year, my doctor checked for any blood clots, did a full lung functioning test and various other tests to figure out what is causing the upper back pain. When Brajesh mentioned Zero Pain Now theory, I kind of listened to him but didn't pursue it any further. In October of 2019, I was suffering for weeks with upper back pain and I thought I have nothing to lose by trying this "Zero Pain Now" method even though it sounded strange and unbelievable. I had a one hour phone call with Brajesh and my pain went from worse to severe and by the end of our conversation, it was gone. Just like that. It is hard to believe yet it's true. I still get my upper back pain occasionally but I can heal myself in a matter of minutes.

John, Insurance Sales Manager (3 minutes)
8 years of left knee pain and failed knee surgery - no more pain!

Israel, Entrepreneur, Age 70
22 years of back pain gone - I can carry bags of fertilizer from Home Depot now!

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